Nissan Silvia

Nissan S15 Silvia

The S15 Nissan Silvia was introduced in Japan on January 16th 1999. The last version of the Silvia model to be released was arguably the best looking model in the 25 odd years Nissan made the Silvia. The body shape and interior was certainly quite a radical evolution of the S14 which it replaced.

Based on the same floor plan and using many of the S14 mechanical components the S15 was not that different underneath. It did however get a host of improvements that made sure the new model not only looked good but also performed better. The S15 boasted a more powerful SR20DET engine with up to 182Kw available, 6 speed gear box and a helical differential on the manual model.

a nimble, compact sporty coupe that is thrilling to look at, sit in and drive

Unfortunately the S15 is currently the last model of the Silvia range. With an aging engine that was unable to meet the tough new emission standards Nissan ceased production of the S15 in 2002. This is unlikely to be the last we see of the Silvia badge though and hopefully Nissan revive the 2 door sports car in the near future.

Standard Performance

Based on the New Zealand delivered Spec R II, New Zealand Autocar the following performance figures were obtained in 2002 (note the Spec R II had 225/45/ZR17 Uniroyal tyres on ROH alloys)

  • 0-100km/h; 6.5s
  • 80-120km/h; 4.1s
  • 100-0; 36.72 metres
  • top speed; 180km/h (limited)

My Car

My car is a 1999 Japanese domestic market S15 Sec R. It's been imported into New Zealand as a second hand car and I'm now the second owner. When I got the car it already had a body kit, lowered suspension, exhaust, air filter and R34 Skyline GTT rims. Since then I've only done a few minor modifications to it:

  • Front pipe and dump pipe 3" all the way
  • Koni adjustable inserts
  • Whiteline alignment kit front and back
  • Rear Cusco strut bar
  • Splitfire ignition coils
  • Gizzmo EBC boost controller
  • Gizzmo chipped ECU
  • Walbro fuel pump

While certainly not in a high state of tune these basic upgrades have provided some excellent improvements to the overall factory package. Next on the list is:

  • Cusco front strut bar
  • Nizmo front and rear sway bars
  • Front mount intercooler
  • Oil temp and exhaust temp sensors and gauges
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